Transition Facilitation:

I have a law degree and advanced certification in organization development, mediation and critical incident interventions.

I focus my work with organizations going through significant change -- and individuals engaging about their end-of-life experience.

I serve as a C-level leader during organizational change, and as a hospital volunteer - for over 30 years - in the Emergency Room, as a trauma Chaplain, and now in the Intensive Care Unit.


Here are a few reasons why I do what I do:

I love exploring with people, about people. I love sharing effective tools for growthful change with each other.

I see a lot of parallels between the challenges of all types of change -- job transitions, relationship changes, industry realignments and dying. Change involves loss, the finding of a new framework for meaning, and a vision of how to move forward. I facilitate that process of change to make it more effective and inspiring and less traumatic.


Change, the End-of-Life:

I see a lot of pain in our culture over the fact that our lives end. That they end at all and that we know that of ourselves, is its own kind of challenge. That most lives end in hospitals when people want something else, that they end leaving decision-makers feeling guilty and confused when responsible for terrible choices, that they end bankrupting more than one generation with medical care costs, that they end in ways we never would have wanted, it’s painful.

I’d like to see knowledge about dying, resources for dying, and skills about being present with dying, be shared and taught, in depth and with imagination.