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Art and Conversations About Death

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Creative and Resource-Friendly Legacy Projects:

tie skirt

Tie Skirts: Use your favorite-man’s ties to make something beautiful filled with memories. Also, fabric collage, furniture.

China/Glass Towers: Get together and make memento glass/china towers out of your (mis-matched or undivide-able) family china or crystal. Gives everyone a piece of the memory of shared times together.

tshirt quilt close

T-Shirt Quilts: T-Shirts often capture favorite causes, pastimes or witty sentiments. Make a TV blanket or quilt out of everyday favorites.

Scrapbooks/Photo Books/Collage: Collect and organize your memories, make special or duplicate books for others, share your knowledge and history.

SMAC Death Class Box 1 for WEB
SMAC Death Class Group for WEB

Legacy Writing/Video/Recording: Pass on life wisdom, tell a funny family story or write a love letter to your spouse. whether memoir or manifesto share your thoughts in a book, video or recording.

Letting Go:

Support for sorting, donating, recycling and moving forward.

 Sometimes a helping hand can really make a project easier.    

A gift you can leave to your children.

robin basement2
robin basement1