Change Leadership

Transition Leadership:

I  work with organizations and people moving through significant and transformative change.

Focusing on shepherding change I am a professional negotiator; certified in mediation and critical incident interventions.  I hold a law degree and am a trauma chaplain.

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Providing interventions in a wide variety of industries; specific expertise in  crisis/turnaround situations. I provide leadership in significant transitions such as strategic industry shifts, process redesign, and organization-culture change.

With a law degree and advanced alternative dispute resolution certification, I bring over 17 years expertise in identifying opportunity, redesigning process and managing human growth, supporting an organization in defining and moving forward on strategic goals and measuring and evaluating success.

I especially contribute during sensitive transitions, complex negotiations, highly charged change and intense crises.    I have medical trauma and line-of-duty trauma management certifications and have been a chaplain and a hospital ER and ICU volunteer for over 30 years.

Certified Mediator

Certified Critical Incident Intervention 
   - Line-of-Duty Death
  Death Advanced Critical Incidents

Advanced Certificate Transformational Nonprofit Leadership.
   Center for Social Leadership

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Molly Stuart, JD