Heirloom Art

My mother says that as a child, I was too often exclaiming, “Oh, give it a chance,” over wilting plants, frail pets, ragged clothes and even scraps in the wastebasket. 

My heritage is Dutch - people know for frugal, practical solutions.  And, my family is one of artists, we see patterns -- connections, related colors, curves, thoughts.  As I see a waterfall in a silk scrap, a lamentation  in a magazine article, or a soul in the eyes of a photograph, I am inclined to “give it a chance” to become a more beautiful enactment. My up-cycled clothing and mache/multimedia collage have reflected these motivations to preserve.

Currently I do personal commissions or workshops with a defined group.

tie fan for web

Often in working with families at the end of life opportunities to create heirloom “mementos” out of objects (dishes, shirts, records, books, aprons) or photos, film, and recollections arise.

I encourage and provide support for families creating heirloom projects. Glass totems to share the family crystal among sisters, or a quilt from dad's t-shirts, or a scrapbook of stories, we recover and share legacy.

glass totems
legacy wool pillows